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Parlor Blow Dry Bar and The Merrimon-Wynne House were both founded in Raleigh, North Carolina. As small businesses, they are jointly dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting other local organizations.

Join us for a nostalgic night to remember as we relive the Studio 54 era while raising money to benefit Project CATCH [Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless].

Individual tickets start at $100 per person and include complimentary beverages, late night snacks, casino chips and chances to win incredible raffle prizes.

Music provided by DJ Joe Bunn | Corporate Sponsorships Available

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There are approximately 5,000 homeless children in Wake County alone. You see them in your child’s classroom, at your church, you pass them by on the street. We cannot assume we know their story or what they experience day to day. It is often a story of significant loss and hardship, but there is a way to change their story. 

Project CATCH is a collaborative case management model that is completely unique to Raleigh, North Carolina. It provides services and advocates for children experiencing homelessness and works with 11 area homeless shelters and programs to ensure that they are able to correctly identify and address the specific needs of the children in their care. Project CATCH meets the needs of over 300 homeless children ages 0-18 in Wake County per year.

But now, Project CATCH needs our help. They are looking to raise $100,000 this Fall in order to greater meet the needs of our community. The hard truth is that the more work that Project CATCH does, the more need they discover.

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 to help advance Project CATCH’s fundraising efforts. With your help, we think we can meet, and even exceed, that goal.

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Ilsy chappell

Linda Noble + Craig McDuffie

Matthew O'neal

Randall Jones

Nicole Lathan & Douglas Crawley

HArriet mills

Mark & dawn Carter

Theo and Sally Highsmith

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