A Timeless Face

Have you ever gone through old pictures with your mother and heard her say those four oh so familiar words, “what was I thinking?” She is usually referring to a once trendy outfit or hairstyle that is extremely dated. Makeup, like any other category, goes through trends and fads. 

Well when it comes to one of the most important events of your life, you should stray away from extremely trendy styles, especially concerning your face.

To achieve this timeless look a neutral color palette is the way to go. It attains a natural look without putting limitations on the application. As a bride, you must keep in mind the countless photos that will uphold the treasured memories of your wedding day. The camera is similar to a stage; the distance and lighting can leave your face looking washed-out and bare. With that in mind, you need a happy medium that will still complement and emphasize your features in person and in photography

As you can see from the shots I referenced, the best way to accomplish this is with a full set of lashes and profound smooth liner to frame the eye. There are more liberties with the eye shadow. It can be any neutral such as a bronze or light brown blended with flush under tones, or a lighter application all together. Depending on your skin tone, a light pink or peachy blush follows suit. A natural lip whether matte or shiny will finish off the look effortlessly. 

Incorporating these warm natural skin tones throughout the eyes, cheeks, and lips will leave you looking and feeling glamorous, not over done, and most importantly timeless. When you are looking at your wedding album, sharing those beautiful still memories with family members of future generations, sit back and listen to your grandchildren’s awe over the classic beauty of their grandmother, and not their snickering of past decade fads.